So the weather has been ugly all day today. We have been on the rainy day schedule in my house. We have literally been in bed all day. Just want to stay warm and stay in doors.

I use to complain when it would be hot for a few days at a time. Then i use to it just being "warm" everyday. Now we are back to this rainy Washington weather and I'm back to complaining again.

Me and my husband were suppose to go to the movies tonight but we are not up for it because it's cold and stuff. It sucks that we stayed home all day today because this is the first time in a few weeks that he hasn't had duty on a weekend day.

When ever it's not nice outside I'm always in a blah mood.  I guess it's because I'm a San Diego girl so I'm so spoiled and I'm use to all those non stop nice days! I even here that the weather is acting up out there too. One things for sure, San Diego will NOT have ugly weather for long!

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