We were stationed in San Diego and loved it. Not sure if it's because it's my home town or not. I'm husband is from Alabama and he loves San Diego also. It's more city life. I love the city life. It's home to a few different bases. There's Marines, Navy, Army and Air Force all in one major city.

The cost of living is high so the BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) is higher. E4 with dependants is $1959.  If you are able to find off base housing then you can pocket some of your BAH. There's a lot of good apartments and houses for rent but of course they are on the expensive side. It all depends on what you are willing to spend and where you want to live. AHRN.com has some good housing referrals for military.

The beach is within 15 minutes of most places unless you live further east or further north. Even if you live North of Central San Diego, you are probably close to the Oceanside Beach. The Southern part of San Diego is Close to Imperial Beach. The rest of San Diego is near Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. I'm sure there's a beach that I probably left out by accident, but you get my drift, it's a beach city!

The weather is pretty nice year around. Today it was 84 degrees and this is the middle of Fall Season. I know this because I spoke with my sister today and she was bragging about how warm it was. LOL. You can look weather reports up on Weather.com. I use this site often just to see what the weather is like. I think it makes me miss home more also.

If your up for orders and want to experience life as a Southern California resident then I would suggest you look at Sunny San Diego! There are parts of Southern California that I would not recommend, such as 29 Palms. It's in the middle of the dessert and you do not feel like your in So. Cal at all.

I will have some guest Bloggers to post about other locations soon. If you would like to post about your Duty section and how you feel about it, then please comment below with your email address. I would love for you to share your experience and thoughts so that others can get a feel for that particular location.

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