Influenza(the flu) is a serious Disease. It can lead to hospitalization. Someone can also die from it. It affects people differently. Plus every flu season is different. You have to stay updated and know what to expect. During a regular flu season, most of the deaths occur in people over the age of 65. That's why they are normally the first ones to be vaccinated.

Earlier this week i went to Rite Aid to get my Flu Shot. There was no wait and Tricare covers it 100%. I was suppose to go to the military treatment facility but i knew it would be a long wait so when I heard that Rite Aid takes Tricare and offers the shot I ran over there! lol

I know a few people that say they had bad results from the flu shot before. They ended up getting sick more then usual. I actually shipped the shot last year to see if it made a difference. I honestly didn't see any significant difference. I might get congested or have a runny nose but i never get the flu.

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