Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP) promotes the self reliance and resiliency of Sailors and their families. They also provide information that you will need to meet the challenges of the military lifestyle. FFSP offers a variety of programs and resources which help you become informed to the Navy environment. These are a few of the programs:

  • Personal and family wellness
  • financial counseling
  • spouse employment
  • deployment support
  • crisis intervention
  • relocation assistance
  • life skills
They have a COMPASS Class through FFSP. It's a new spouse orientation course. You learn everything that you need to know about the navy and what resources are offered to you. I know a few ladies that have taken it more then once, but in different locations. It also helps you learn information about your current location.

When you go to FFSP website you will be able to see more information on classes and workshops that are offered.

If you have any questions that are regarding the military just contact FFSP and they will direct you to the right person or the right department that can help you get all things military related done.

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