I don't want to pay for the same price for a two bedroom that the next person with a 4 bedroom is paying. I just don't think that it's really fair. Just because they have more dependants means they get more bedrooms, which results in a bigger house, yet you want me to pay the same price as them?

I never understood why people decide to live on base when they can get something better out in town for the same price. I am not willing to give up my whole BAH so that i can live in housing. On the Bangor Base they have some apartment style housing, so that's seriously a waste of money.

When I lived in military housing in San Diego I can definitely say it was well worth the money. We had a one bedroom apartment for $850 per month, utilities included and it came with central air and washer and dryer hook ups. Our BAH was $1920. We were able to pocket a lot of money. The military housing was through Lincoln Military Housing. It was not on base housing. It was off base but still military housing.

I’ve lived in regular civilian housing the whole time that we have been in Washington. Our apartment is under our bah. We are able to pay our rent, car note, utilities and all other bills with our BAH alone.

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