When we moved from CA to WA we had issues with our orders. My husband wasn't told that we were suppose to move our household to Washington before he checked into his new duty station which was in San Diego. So he checked in at the end of September and later found out that he would only get paid for moving if it was BEFORE he checked in. Therefore we had to pay our of our own pockets to relocate to Washington in December.

I wish we had someone to brief us on the whole "PCSING PROCESS". I want to help others to make sure they do not make small mistakes that will cost them big time.

Here's 4 things that might help you to avoid making some big mistakes:
  1. Keep all your paperwork. Go and buy a little folder or a huge Manila envelope to keep all your papers in. If you are doing a DITY move then you will need to keep all your receipts also.
  2. You need to understand the claim filing procedure. Keep an inventory of your valuables.
  3. Verify your orders. Make sure you are authorized to ship your items to the location that your shipping them to and make sure it's done by the date specified in your orders
  4. Verify weight allowance. Anything over your maximum will be charged to you.
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