I have been in Washington for 1 months and yesterday was my first time going to a baseball game at Safeco Field. They Seattle Mariners played against the Los Angeles Angels. Of course the Mariners won on their home field.

It was very cold outside so i saw that everyone was bundled up. Some people came prepared with throw blankets. Wish i would have thought to bring one of those. It was still okay because one of the vendors there sold throw blankets so i was able to purchase one. Score for me!

They had a ton of food vendors and retail vendors. Im from San Diego and we dont have such variety at our stadium. I purchased fish and chips from Ivars Fish Bar. Can't believe i was able to have fish and chips while attending a Mariners game. lol. It was a great outing. If you ever want to have a nice night out with friends and family, then attend a Mariners game!

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