Today is Thursday and the weekend is almost here. I have been wanting to sit down and write my goals down. This makes it easier for me to stick to them and achieve them all.
So here's my list:

  • Keep track of our spending for two weeks & Create a monthly budget and stick to it
I want to keep track of our spending so I can know where our money is going. I'm thinking the easiest way to do this is to keep all receipts and pay for everything using our bank card. So I can have easy access to it via my online bank account. keeping the receipts is backup. Just in case I want to see what exactly I bought at a particular store. This will help me come up with a budget to create for the following month. This will let me know where I need to make cutbacks at.
  • Finish the last couple of classes needed to complete my associates degree
I have a handful of classes left before I can receive my associates degree. I put them off every semester. I always end up taking one class instead of taking a full load of four. There's no reason as to why I keep putting it off. I guess Ive just been acting really lazy lately.
  • Create a space in my huge bedroom where I can use it exclusively for recording my YouTube videos.
I'm thinking to just pick a corner where i can put the computer desk and have the computer just sitting there at all times. I'm going to purchase three wall mirrors to put in the corner so i can be able to better film my hair videos. I also want to have two lamps in that area also so I can have a lot of light. I dislike the light that I'm currently using. I have been filming in my bathroom and it's not that bright in there.

These are my goals for now. If i think of anything else i guess I can add to this later.

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